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Sensitive & Redness Prone Skin

Ask questions or share tips regarding sensitive & redness prone skin. If you would like to receive bespoke advice, please book in a 15-minute consultation with one of our Skin Experts here.
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Second Floor
Am going to give the phyto corrective a go on my angry post holiday skin - am really hoping it gives me some relief!!!
Shifa Kan
Second Floor
Anything to help with this?
First Floor
What cleanser do you recommend for sensitive skin for use in the shower?
Kali Filsell
Second Floor
I would be so, so grateful for advice or recommendations. This is my daughter aged 16 and this is her skin. Think this is keratosis Pilaris and she has had it all her life but it seems to be incredibly bad at the moment and I really want to help her but not sure where to go ๐Ÿ™ GP is no help at all. Gave her steroid cream a few years back which helped the redness but this is not a long term solution.
Keratosis Pilaris ?
Shifa Kan
Second Floor
Out of all SkinCeuticals products you have tried, why which helped reduce the redness the most for you?
Second Floor
How do you deal with when your skin reacts? Do you wait patiently for it to heal before applying anything or you have a safe product you apply to soothe the reaction? Iโ€™m a mix of both, if possible I leave my skin alone to recover on its own, other times it feels so tight and in need of protection so I put gently a neutral balm that I know should not aggravate the issue. What do you do?
Shifa Kan
Second Floor
I have odd skin. Sometimes it will react with a product but other times its fine hence I never know what to buy. Help?
Lucy Smith
Second Floor
Really interested to know what everyoneโ€™s thoughts on the phyto corrective mask are? Do you find that it gives instant relief, or is it more of a product where you see the benefits after prolonged use? Iโ€™m also super keen to know what the scent of it is like, given all the botanical ingredients!