What is House of Skin?

House of Skin is our online community of individuals who share a passion for advanced skincare, together with our SkinCeuticals Skin Experts and medical professionals. Join today to learn more about advanced skincare, share experiences, and unlock exclusive benefits!


Join our community to…

  • Receive expert advice directly from Skin Experts and medical professionals
  • Connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for advanced skincare
  • Test and review complimentary full-size products
  • Attend members-only live masterclasses with expert hosts and leading Dermatologists
  • Earn points to unlock exclusive rewards
  • Enter exclusive competitions to win SkinCeuticals prizes

How to get started

Everyone is welcome to join House of Skin. Simply sign up for free, join activities and post in discussion groups, and complete missions. We encourage you to connect with each other, and share your thoughts and recommendations.

Finding your way around

Discover advanced skincare advice through the below areas of our house, which can be found on the side menu.



This is the destination for you to join live masterclasses, enter exclusive competitions, review our products, and share your personalised skincare routines.

Discussion groups

Join the conversation of advanced skincare. We have split our discussion groups by common skin concerns, so you can find relevant topics, and connect with members who share your concerns.

  • Ageing Skin
  • Oily & Combination Skin
  • Dry & Dehydrated Skin
  • Sensitive & Redness Prone Skin
  • Uneven Skin Tone

Skin Explained

Looking for expert advice? Skin Explained is your knowledge hub, where you can find answers to your personal skincare questions and discover the science behind SkinCeuticals.

  • Ask a SkinCeuticals Skin Expert: A safe space where our Skin Experts are on hand to answer any concerns you have about your skin and provide bespoke skincare recommendations, without the need to visit a clinic.
  • Medical Advice: Learn directly from leading Dermatologists
  • Take the Quiz: Test your knowledge on various skincare topics

How to unlock rewards

Complete missions, set by our Skin Experts, to earn points. Once you have built up enough points, you will level up to your next status, and unlock unique offers, exclusive gifts and rewards!


Each status requires you to complete specific missions.


To see which missions you need to complete to level up:

  • Go to your Profile at the top left of the side menu
  • Go to the ‘Progress’ tab
  • View the missions you have left to complete to level up

Test and review products

We regularly offer community members the chance to trial and review our products. You can access this on the side menu under ‘Review our products’.

  1. Complete your profile: fill out a short skin questionnaire on your Tester Profile, so we can understand your skin type and concern.
  2. Apply and get selected: apply to test a product for your chance to be selected. We select members whose skin is most suitable to the product, so that you achieve your desired results.
  3. Test and review: enjoy complimentary delivery to your door, test the product at home, and leave a review to be displayed on our website.

Meet our Skin Experts

Our Skin Experts are here on House of Skin to help you on your skin journey. With their expert knowledge, they are here to share skin science and give you personalised advice regarding our products or your skincare routines. 


Username: May

Time to contact:
Weekdays pre 6pm


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Skin Concern: 


Favourite Product: 

Silymarin CF

Username: Amna

Time to contact:
Weekdays pre 6pm


Skin Type: 


Skin Concern: 



Favourite Product: 

Phloretin CF

Username: Kasey

Time to contact:
Weekdays pre 6pm


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Skin Concern: 

Textured Skin


Favourite Product: 


Can we help?

If you encounter any issues or would like some help, please either send a direct message to our admins, or tag them in your post or comment. You can identify them with ‘@SkinCeuticals’ in their username.