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My skin loves this serum as it makes it glow ✨️ 💛  It
My skin loves this serum as it makes it glow ✨️ 💛 It doesn't cause any skin irritation like the other skincare products with Vit C I've tried before.
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Good morning  Have a lovely week
Good morning Have a lovely week
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Happy Monday Community have a good day
Happy Monday Community have a good day
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#unboxing  I was kindly gifted a sample of the Skin Ceuticals A.G.E Interrupter Advanced Cream from being part of the House Of asking Community. This cream claims to be the next generation in anti wrinkle creams! It does contain all the skins goodness aimed at targeting those early signs of aging such as; ✨ CONCENTRATED PROXYLANE ✨ WILD FRUIT FLAVONOIDS ✨ GLYCYRRHETINIC ACID ✨ 3% HEPES ✨ 1% NIACINAMIDE The cream is suitable for normal, combination & sensitive skin types For full benifits use twice a day after cleansing & serum. This is a 3ml sample so only small but a little does go a long way. It does have a very light subtle I would say pomegranate / sweet scent to it. The cream is slightly thick & creamy in texture & absorbs quickly into skin, leaving no residue or sticky greasy feeling. This sample lasted me around 3-4 days using 2x a day, honestly I haven't seen an improvement in my fine lines as such, because it's only been 4 days. I did however find it left my skin hydrated & looking radiant. I would of loved a slightly bigger sample to see if there were any visible results as over all I loved the feel of the cream it left my skin feeling smoother & soft just would of loved to see reduced appearance of fine lines.
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Happy Sunday Community
Happy Sunday Community
Rachel White
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When your ideal Saturday night is staying at home doing your
When your ideal Saturday night is staying at home doing your skincare ! 😂😂🙈 Featuring good ol’ sudocrem!
Beatrice Bostan
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I just discovered this retinol, it's absolutely wonderful.
Natasha Webb
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02/24/24-15:54 (edited)
Loving this hydrating serum #unboxing
Loving this hydrating serum #unboxing
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