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Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Ask questions and share tips about dry & dehydrated skin. If you would like to receive bespoke advice please book in a 15-minute consultation with one of our Skin Experts here.
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Laura Ochoa Diaz
Ground Floor
I noticed with the cold weather my skin is more dehydrated. Any tips for what to use to reapply during the day
Second Floor
30/11/23-13:22 (edited)
So now the colder months are here, I’m suffering on my legs with psoriasis again 😩 every year it gets so bad and be of my anxiety I have been known to scratch it till it bleeds 😢I never get this anywhere else on my body so it’s easy to hide but it constantly effects me. I wonder if there was some sort of relief that anyone knows of? I try my best, but I think I’m my own worst enemy because I can’t leave it alone. Help me guys 🖤🖤🖤
Second Floor
30/11/23-01:01 (edited)
I often get dry and dehydrated skin during the winter months. I recently tried a sample of the HA Intesifier serum amd found it to be really help with skin hydration.
Shruti Gupta
Second Floor
With winter coming it has really had effect on my skin and all of a sudden it goes from normal skin to dry with white patches, so I decided to give a try to this intensifier and really can’t thank much , My skin went back to normal overnight , even my 3 year old could tell the difference, he said , your face is soft today . This one definitely shows the difference pretty fast . This is one of the products where you can notice the difference with  sample size itself, not only happy but very relieved to find this for my cold dry winters .
Second Floor
When managing areas of dry skin, and sometimes dehydrated skin (discovered this happens when new make-up products do not work for me), I have found the SkinCeutical H.A Intensifer has helped to increase, and restore the balance of hydration in the skin. The Hylauronic acid is highly concentrated and the serum also contains additional ingredients including a patented element of Proxylane to produce a powerful combination which ensures hydration and intern enables to regulate long-lasting moisture, tackling the symptoms of dry skin. The drier-redness prone areas which I experience, no longer feel tight, nor look irritated, flaky or sallow. Skin complexion is visibly improved, whilst texture is also left feeling smooth and supple. 
Dry and Dehydrated Skin
Second Floor
Lets start with the difference between the two. Dry skin is skin that normally produces less sebum where dehydrated skin is skin thats lacking water in the uppermost layer. I can be difficult to tell the difference in which you could be experiencing but normally if you pinch your skin and it doesnt bounce back it’s dehydrated and if your skin is flakey and maybe rough it’s probably dry. Different ingredients for dry and dehydrated so for  dry - things like plant oils, squalene, jojoba and rose hip, you can use shea butter but if you have acne prone skin id be careful as shea butter can clog pores. Dehydrated skin - glycerin , snail mucin. Hyaluronic acid and ceramide are great for both these things.  People with oily skin can be afraid to use oils on there skin, because they think it will make it worse (ive been there myself🤣) but actually it can help alot! I have an issue with combination skin, and my body over produces sebum oils, and if i dont use oils and plenty of hydration it actually makes my skin worse and i produce even more sebum… so dont be afraid to use oils, just try not to use any products that are NON comedogenic 🩵🩷
Dry and dehydrated skin
Anna Pas
First Floor
My skin definitely is Combination but also my skin is dehydrated and thu is the reason which I am using a good moisture amd Hyaluronic Acid every day. Before I was thinking my skin is oily amd I was using a lot of products which are more greasy and I was cleaning my face deeply but those skin treatments my skin was irritated, then I spoke with a skin expert and we find together my skin is combination with di hydrated parts, so the most important is to listen our skin is not always the same! One more tip is ALL SKIN TYPES NEED A GOOD MOISTURE CREAM!