Ageing Skin

Ageing Skin

Ask questions and share tips regarding ageing. If you would like to receive bespoke advice, please book in a 15-minute consultation with one of our Skin Experts here.
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Lore Lorena
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As much I would like I cant stop the aging process completely , but yes , I can work on slowing it down by using the correct skincare that works on this. Hence why I would love to try the NEW A.G.E. Advanced Eye skincare. Heard  so many impressive story's and read great feedbacks regarding this and would love to get the chance to use it myself. Top tip for fighting the sight of aging: - Keep your skin protected for external factors like sun damage and position by using spf on daily bases  - Use moisturising cream as dry skin tends to get to look older  
Competition entry
Second Floor
01/21/24-03:25 (edited)
I hadn’t come across this product before but on doing some research feel I need to invest soon. I work long hours at the computer in my day to day life and worry about the impact it has on my skin and ageing. It also would help my dark circles which are quite pronounced. Sounds perfect! 🤩
Second Floor
I would love this eye cream as I would like a silky eye cream which is formulated for the delicate eye area. I would like an eye cream that combats loss of collagen and glycation. I would like an eye cream which targets dark circles, wrinkles and crow's feet lines. My top tips for reducing signs of ageing are protect yourself from the sun everyday (by wearing SPF and covering yourself with layered clothing, hats, sunglasses and being in the shade), try to limit pollution exposure (by using filters and being near nature) and reduce oxidative stress (by walking at least 30 minutes a day in the fresh air).
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Second Floor
With time our skin require more hydration specially the under eye area is very sensitive. I’ve tried A.G.E cream for my sensitive skin and it’s holy grail everyone need to have at least 3 creams I run out quick, all the time I order couple of creams more just to make sure I have enough for a long period of time.
Second Floor
I would love to win the new advanced A.G.E. eye cream as this would complete my skincare routine. I'm currently using the gel wash and serum and loving how they are making my skin smooth and glowing. Now I need to give my eye area the same attention that I'm giving the rest of my skin.
The new A.G.E. eye cream
Second Floor
I would say that the eye area is one that I have admittedly neglected in my skincare regime to date..but am now realising it is one of the most important areas to pay attention..to as we age. Going through a sudden premature surgical menopause this year has taught me that I do need to use bespoke products for my changing skin needs..which thankfully the skin Ceuticals community has been able to support me with. I would love to have the opportunity to try & review Skin Ceuticals New A.G.E Advanced Eye, as..as I’ve said this is my one area that I feel needs more care and attention.
Pilar Acedo
01/19/24-09:11 (edited)
I would love to try these products and evaluate their effect! Working so many hours at the computer does not help with ageing, tired eyes etc so I really hope I can try this range of products :)
Fiona Sutherland
I would love to try these skinceutical products on my skin that is exposed to a lot during my daily routine which involves either walking, running or cycling outdoors everyday to get from A to B. I’m also perimenopausal & not feeling as confident as I used to, this would be a great win for me& my skin🤞🤞🤞