JaneFrances Garvey


Couldn’t live without these products. I leave the cleanser on in the shower and remove afterwards.
Blemish + Age Cleanser 240ml
Phloretin CF Vitamin C Antioxidant Serum for Discolouration 30ml
Metacell Renewal B3
A.G.E. Eye Complex for Ageing Skin 15ml
Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF 50 for All Skin Types 40ml
What is your Skin Type?
What is your main Skin Concern?
Sun Damage
Why do you use this routine?
Was recommended and it works for Me. I have combination skin.
In what order do you apply it?
In order of pictures.
What skin benefits have you seen since using this routine?
Massage each product into skin. Sometimes have more time but can do pretty quickly.