Ageing Skin
Improve signs of ageing
Despina Constantin
Second Floor

Improve signs of ageing

I am at an age where signs of ageing are becoming more and more visible. To prevent the acceleration of skin aging, I have a skin care routine that targets fine lines and wrinkles both around the eyes, especially the corners, and on my cheeks, forehead, and around my lips. I am also using anti-ageing creams and moisturizers to re-establish the nutrition and hydration of my skin. For this, I use specialised skincare products that can help me delay the further appearance of signs of ageing, including loss of skin firmness and skin elasticity. So far, the signs of ageing are more accentuated under the eyes and in the corner of the eyes. I have visible wrinkles that I try to delay becoming deeper. Therefore, the new A.G.E advanced eye morning routine would be very helpful for delaying more advanced signs of ageing around my eyes.
A.G.E. Eye Complex for Ageing Skin 15ml