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Great for night
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Great for night

I used Age Interrupter mainly at night. Although I used it several times during the day. Its consistency is quite compact and thick, silicone-like, but it spreads easily and absorbs quickly. Perfect under makeup, it does not clog, does not cause allergic reactions, does not increase oiliness during the day, although it may roll a bit. When used at night, we wake up with an exceptionally young and rested face. The emollient base perfectly eliminates various dry patches, smoothes them beautifully and makes the skin look really good. However, sometimes you may have the impression that it is less moisturizing, then a light moisturizer is recommended, I used it with Phyto Corrective as needed. In my case, there was no need to use a permanently moisturizing base. AGE Interrupter smoothes fine lines, relaxes the face, makes the face look rested and younger, slightly lifts and tightens pores. The skin becomes firmer, denser and firmer, which is probably the result of the high concentration of Pro-Xylane. + great under makeup + absorbs quickly + smoothes the skin surface tactilely and optically + absorbs until matt + does not increase oiliness + does not clog + rejuvenates and improves the condition of the skin + the skin gains a rested and relaxed appearance + high Pro-Xylane content + short and specific composition with active ingredients + the skin becomes firmer, tighter and thicker + narrows pores + slightly tightens the skin and gives the impression of lifting
A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced