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A.G.E. Advanced Eye Morning Regime
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A.G.E. Advanced Eye Morning Regime

51 in less than a week, I'm a skincare lover and have been for years. Trying out so many brands over the years, and from this I still have not found my holy grail products for my eye area.I have sensitive eyes and often eye products seem to really irritate and cause me runny eyes, stinging of the eyes.Due to this, this is one area very neglected in my skincare routine โ˜น๏ธMy tips are:1- Plenty of water2- Good un interrupted sleep, at least 8 hours.3 - strict skincare routine with products you see a difference with.4 - SPF50 everyday no matter whatOne thing I have learnt is if you find something that works stick to it.Would love to find my suitable eye product. ๐Ÿ˜Š