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Olivia @ SkinCeuticals
10/11/23-21:15 (edited)

Destination Dermatological Beauty: Timing Update ✈

Hello residents, we had such an amazing time meeting you at Day 1 of Destination Dermatological Beauty, and we are so looking forward to welcoming you tomorrow!

Due to unforseen circumstances, we have been instructed to close the venue at 1pm tomorrow, 11th November. With this in mind, we would love for you to still join us, anytime between 10:00am-12:30pm.

Our live Masterclass, 'Skincare throug the ages' with Dr Ana Mansouri, will also be moved forward to 12:00. If you can no longer attend this in person it will be livestream. Please sign up for the Masterclass here.

We apologise for any inconvinience caused, but hope you can still join us. if you are unable to make the earlier time, pleaes private message me.

Thank you for understanding! 🌟