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I was very happy when I received the Silymarin CF, which is
I was very happy when I received the Silymarin CF, which is an antioxidant Vitamin C serum, enriched with 15% pure Vitamin C, 0.5 Ferulic Acid, 0.5% Salicylic Acid and 0.5% Silymarin, this serum is formulated for day time use and is clinically proven to reduce oil oxidation by up to 76%. suitable for oily, blemish prone skin skin it is also suitable for acne prone skin, formulated to reinforce skins natural protection from free radical damage and prevent oil oxidation that can lead to breakouts.  Use - Simply apply 4-5 drops on to you finger tips after cleansing in the morning and press int o the face, neck and decolletage. The Vitamin C will also aid in brightening the skins tone, skin will feel hydrated, fresh and oily skin will be calmed and less likey to suffer from breakouts. With is dry oil type texture its absorbs in to the skin with out leaving any greasy or oily residue, there is a slight tacky feel to areas applied but that lasts for only a few mins while it dries down, then the skin feels silky smooth and soft, I have menopausal skin and one day it can be dry and the next have completely changed to have a few oily patches around my nose and forehead, but i found that this product has evened out my skin, the oily areas are controlled and the dry areas are nicely hydrated. There is very little to no fragrance to this product, which is really nice as some oil control products can be quite unpleasant in their aroma. Personally I really like this little bottle of loveliness, definite difference in only a few days of using, I knew it would be great though as I have used it before.