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14/11/23-15:55 (edited)
Destination Dermatological Beauty Event  I was very excited
Destination Dermatological Beauty Event I was very excited for this event and I think it was a great idea! But I must say it was not a smooth experience.  One week after I booked my ticket, I received an email by the ticket provider saying it was cancelled. Then I contacted the organizers and they said that was a glitch on the booking and they send me a manual confirmation instead. I thought okay, these things happen. Then, on the night before the event I received an email saying the time I had booked has been cancelled, but that I could still go anytime between 10h and 13h. Happily, I managed to change my train tickets and I arrived there at 12:00. A few minutes after I arrived the masterclass had started, and it was in a common area and organizers were "shhishing" people and asking for silence. As I could not do anything, I went to watch the talk, straightaway. But it was already 12:30 and the talk was still going on, and the place had to close at 13:00 I was told. So I thought, okay, I travelled all this way (mora than 2 hours commute), gonna try to explore at least some of the event. It was hard because we all had to be quiet. And it was all very rushed, since the place was just about to close. So it was not a great experience.  I think that I should have been instructed to arrive between 10 and 11 at least, in order to be able to experience the event, or, that the talk should have been done in a closed room if silence was required.  That been said, people were very nice and I appreciate all the effort in organising this event!