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Despina Constantin
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Provides extra hydration

The Hydrating B5 Serum is enriched with vitamin B5 to replenish skin hydration and moisturize the skin, leaving it feeling supple and smooth.This oil-free moisturizer gel contains hyaluronic acid, the body’s natural hydrator that helps bind moisture to the skin, and vitamin B5, an essential nutrient that replenishes nutrients the skin needs to promote the skin barrier’s natural repair process and leave the skin feeling smoother. Benefits that I appreciate in this serum areLeaves the skin feeling supple and smootEnhances the benefits of a daily moisturizerProvides optimal hydration without clogging pores; hence, it can be used as an oil-free moisturiser for blemish-prone skinIdeal for all skin types Recommended for use with vitamin C skincare productsI also like that the Hydrating B5 Gel is versatile and can either complement a daily moisturizer to provide extra hydration, or it can be used alone as an oil-free moisturizer.I have used it both ways since my skin is combination skin, dry with an oily tendency.It is a versatile serum, and I really like the fact that it can be used with vitamin C skincare products, which are part of my skincare routine every morning.I apply two to three drops, with the pipette, to the entire face and neck, and massage the serum, which penetrates fast into the skin without leaving it sticky.
Provides extra hydration
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Provides extra hydration - 3
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