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My new routine
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My new routine

I brought a few items in the Black Friday sale so have now included them in my routine. They are specifically to target my oily and blemish prone skin.
Blemish + Age Cleanser 240ml
Brighten and Hydrate Duo Set: C E Ferulic and Hydrating B5 for Normal and Dry Skin
Advanced Brightening UV Defense SPF 50 for All Skin Types 40ml
What is your Skin Type?
What is your main Skin Concern?
Blesmishes & Blackheads
Why do you use this routine?
I use these products as they target my areas of concerns which are oiliness, blemishes and ageing skin.
In what order do you apply it?
1 The cleaner 2 the ferulic serum 3 the spf
Tell us about how you apply the products to your skin
I poor some of the gel wash into my palms then massage into my damp face. Any excess I massage into my shoulders then rinse off. Next i pour a few drops of the Ferulic onto my finger tips the gently massage into my face and neck, being careful not to get any into my eye area. Lastly i squeeze some of the spf onto my finger tips then pat that into my face.
What skin benefits have you seen since using this routine?
Less oiliness and my post breakout marks are fading much quicker. My skin feels refreshed after using the cleaner.