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The eyes are the window to the soul
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The eyes are the window to the soul

I have been through some health issues in 2022 I had surgery, loosing weight, lack of sleep all of that had such a huge impact on my health and my skin I’m 37 years old for sure I noticed some changes but it hit me the most when I got sick, and that’s what I have been dealing with since dark circles fine lines that wasn’t there before but I’m trying to improve my health and my skin and this tips helped a lot - getting blood work regularly - eat healthy balanced diet and supplements as doctor recommend -get enough sleep - Reduce stress - wearing sunscreen & sunglasses 😎 - having morning and evening skincare routine - removing eye makeup gently - seek for help by seeing a dermatologist or ask an expert - the most important thing knowing that you are not alone we all going through different phases of our lives. Good luck everyone
A.G.E. Advanced Eye for Dark Circles & Wrinkles