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A.G.E. eye routine
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01/08/24-21:40 (edited)

A.G.E. eye routine

I didn't use to take my skincare routine seriously. I used to skip days and never used spf every day. I would hide my imperfections behind makeup. As I've become older I really appreciate the power of a good skincare routine. I make sure I follow my routine day and night, no matter how tired I am. Doing this I've noticed the benefits such as my skin is softer, smoother and more balanced. Now I embrace my skin and don't feel the need to hide behind makeup. I wear spf every day to. This routine would compliment my skincare routine by reducing those 'laughter lines' around my eyes. This is one of the areas that is not quite where I'd like it to be. My tip for ageing skin is use SPF every day.
A.G.E. eye routine
A.G.E. Eye Complex for Ageing Skin 15ml