Ageing Skin
A.G.E Advance Eye
Roni Udugba
Second Floor

A.G.E Advance Eye

I’d love to try this as I have dark circles and I’m approaching the age when the signs of aging starts creeping in. I am begging to observe crows feet and mild wrinkles around the eye area. This cream is said to help prevent/ improve these concerns I have and prevention is better than cure so I’m all in for this competition. My tip for anti aging is to always ensure consistency in skincare treatments and to always use SPF on a daily basis. I also recommend a monthly facial by an expert. I for on do a monthly skin analysis to find out areas I need to improve on. Doing this also helps me ensure I am doing the right thing and using the right products to address my skin concerns. Good luck to all participants in this competition.
A.G.E. Advanced Eye for Dark Circles & Wrinkles