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Ask questions and share tips regarding oily & combination skin. If you would like to receive bespoke advice, please book in a 15-minute consultation with one of our Skin Experts here.
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I have tested this product for nearly 3 weeks now! Have a look at my community post and you can see the before and after pictures. Highly recommend it. 💚 Happy to be asked any questions on my experience
New Fav which has helped me reduce my inflammation with acne.
Amy Green
25/10/23-18:31 (edited)
I've just discovered you so not tried your goodies yet but can't wait to 😁
Hamna Asad
Second Floor
I have oily combination skin with blemishes I tried so many products to deal with my skin but whatever I tried doesn’t matter it makes my skin sore and sometimes it’s so painful hopefully this will help me to make my skin good
Second Floor
Is this rang suitable for dry skin with breakouts
Second Floor
My skin is dry but I still get a lot of breakouts and I feel oily around my nose
Misha Flowers
Ground Floor
OILY SKIN.. the bane of my life. It may keep my skin looking younger... however would love to live the matte life especially regarding my make up. This bundle will help tackle my blemishes and dark spots. Love these products both as a practitioner and customer 🥰
Second Floor
I have oily blemish prone skin that needs something more advanced skincare to tackle my blemishes and dark spots. This routine can help my skin to get more healthy and mange oily side of it. I have tried skin ceutical HA intesifier serum in the past that I loved and know that these products work magically.